Why some b2b business owners failed in automation? 为什么B2B企业经营者无法升级自动化?

Why some b2b business owners failed in automation?


  • lack of control of sales team, in some companies, the senior salesperson play an important role, it could be they already worked in the company for long time, boss respects him.
  • executive level of boss is low, the boss did not make the automation as compulsory, they just leave it to salesperson to decide, some even they already bought the tablet and never use our app.
  • the boss is only care day-to-day operation and sales, they feel that automation is not must, the salesperson and admin to settle day-to-day work is more important
  • some boss not good in calculation, they able to calculate the cost of spending in automation but never calculate the spending on human error and manual work. failed in calculation ROI.
  • use not suitable software, some companies using high end ERP but fully utilised it, it is even worst compare with other customer who using normal accounting system. this is because erp require higher skills workers to mange, and the integration and maintenance fee is higher, I have one customer, they unable to use easysales due to integration of the ERP is too high, compare with this competitor who using normal accounting software, they able to change / and automate their workflow faster.
    部分企业使用不合适的软件,例如使用高端的企业资源计划(Enterprise Resource Planning)但没有发挥全面功用。这比使用普通会计系统更为糟糕,因为ERP需要高技能人员管理,加上系统整合及维修费也较高。我的一名客户无法使用easysales,因为ERP整合开销太高。与使用普通会计软件的竞争对手相比,他们能够更快地作出改变以及让工作流程自动化。
  • fail to determine what system (LB) is suitable for him. some boss is not IT literate, they are good in their business but totally not familiar with IT, some of them just reject without reason, to ignore choosing the wrong ones. some they unable to judge, they simply choose best of price or relationship.

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