Simplify the ordering process for salesperson and Van Sales

Our Sales Ecosystem

EasySales - Paperless bring both customer and company convenience

EasySales is a native mobile application as it provides manufacturers, distributors, and van sales all information to make a wonderful sales presentation on customer site or outside the office. Making your salesman to boost order becomes your company’s sales hero

EasySales includes high resolution product catalogue, customer purchase history and customer payment status. Through a real-time internet connection to EasySales Back Office, your sales consultant can process quotes and orders, take payments and collect signatures on the customer site with their mobile devices.

Our company philosophy is set to develop system for application that integrates with ordering platform as well conceptualizes with the mobility of smart devices and systems to facilitate organization’s product ordering processes.

EasySales is designed to be a unique and achievable businesses for each organization with integration of our ease of use business solutions into the smart devices that sales person or van sales driver that uses every day, anytime and at anywhere.


Environmental friendly, paperless bring both customer and company convenience. Improve reducing mistake, All data will be stored in mobile devices.


No network connection / network connected? Your customer still able to shop and place your order anytime while offline.


Wherever your client or salesperson is, they could easily browse through your company app with internet connection to shop and place order.

EasySales Features

Create a superior buying experience
EasySales mobile sales app makes an easy access to up-to-date products, recent orders, the convenience of the checking of customer's payment status, and the ability to print-out enquiries and quotation that helps create a superior buying experience.
View and edit customer details on EasySales mobile sales such as person in charge, shipping addresses.
Present your catalogue with customers on an EasySales mobile sales.
Create an enquiry order and print out on portable printer.
Transfer order back anytime, anywhere to speed up delivery process.
Sales Order Taking
Check Payment
High Rest Catalog
Offline Order
Last Selling Price
Different User Level
Beautiful Designed Product Catalogue
Make an impression with every customer with high Resolutions product images displayed with the iPadsquarefrescos Retina screen and it supports multiple images within one product.
Online/Offline Ordering
Place order while online or offline. User could place order and save as cart and review while offline. salesmen or van sales driver can submit later on their order whenever connected to the network.
Ease of Use
Slide menu gives ease of view on navigation. Catalogue view of products category and features with addable folder or file for selected categories.
Real Time Processing With Integration Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Modules
With ERP integrated application into existing modules, provide real-time view core business processes and transaction. No additional learning process assigned to employee due procedures had done by sub-leaders and therefore human resource for data entry can be reduced.
In app activities (saved order / order form) is sync able to back office and vice versa when network connected.
Improved Efficiency
Increase sales operation by accelerate order processing; improve time efficiency where you do not have to re-enter all orders.
Salesperson App (Presales)

Sales Statistic

Collection Static

Sold Item Summary

Payment Collection Statistic

Customer Information

Branch Information

Customer GPS coordinate

Customer Attachment

Customer Payment History
Customer Payment History

  -View Invoice/CN/DN/OR
  -Customer Debtor Statement
  -Aging Report (6-12 months)

Check In

Check in with Barcode/QRCode

Last Check In history

Media (photo/pdf) upload

Customisable Check List

Check In time / Check Out time

GPS Location Tracking

Customisable Field (UDF)

Product Module

Multiple product image

Product Specification
Product Specification

  -Youtube Video

Product Layout
Product Layout

  -List View
  -Card View
  -Dynamic (Matrix) View (e.g. sizes, colours)

Search Method
Search Method

  -"Google" typed keyword
  -Last Purchase Display First
  -Preset Order template

Last Purchase History

Price Tier
Price Tier

  -Buy x Free x
  -Customer Tag Price
  -Promotion Period
  -Bulk purchase promotion
  -Minimum price setting


  Sales Order
  C/N / Good Return
  OR - Official Receipt
  Stock Take

<b>Order Tracking</b>
Order Tracking

  Pick Status
  Pack/Check/Audit Status
  Delivery Status
  Customer e-sign


  Special Pop Up Announcement & Notification
  Stock Request (upon OOS out of stock)
  English / Chinese Languages
  Customer pre order notification
  Customer SO approval
  Quotation/Sales Order confirmation with e-sign on the spot
  Remote E-sign via Share (e.g. Whatsapp, email, wechat)
  Product Batch / Project Control
  Item Package & BOM Module

Self-Order Dealer App

Customer Special Announcement with Push notification function

Promotion Banners

"You would also like" or "history history List

Product Layout

List View

Card View

Dynamic View (Suitable for item which sizes, colours)

Search Method

"Google" typed keyword

Last Purchase Display First

Preset Order template

Price Tier

Buy x Free x

Customer Tag Price

Promotion Period

Bulk purchase promotion

Minimum price setting

Inventory Control

VIP Reserved Quantity (hot items control)

Min. Qty purchase Quantity

Virtual Quantity control

Order Tracking

Pick Status

Pack Status

Delivery Status

Retrieve customer confirmation (photo & e-signature)

Favourite item

Payment History

View Invoice/CN/DN/OR

Customer Statement

Aging Report (6-12 months)

Payment confirmation / reconciliation (e-sign)

Warehouse Pick-Pack App

Picker Ranking Board

Picker Mistake Statistic (Picking Error Rate)

Picking Module

Barcode Scanning

QRCode Scanning

Partially Pick

Racking Location

Special Remark from Admin/Salesperson/Dealer

Undo Pick

Pick Per item / Pick per Quantity

Define Basket ID

Check/Verify Module

Report Incorrect Picking

Barcode/QRCode Scanning

Adhoc Delivery Slot Reservation


Define Picking Priority

Combine multiple order for picking

Recommended device :
Recommended device :

  -Zebra MC333OR
  -Android device with high quality camera

Executive Summary App (Link with your Accounting and ERP System)

Summary of Daily Sales

Summary of Sales x Collection

Agent sales ranking

Customer sales ranking

Best selling item/Group ranking


Sales Report

Collection Report

Boss Approval

Approval on sales order due to exceed limit

Approval on sales order due to overdue

Approval on blacklisted customer

Merchandising App

Create Questionnaire or task

Create Stock Take based on Customer Type

Merchandiser Schedule and Route Planning

Planograms review

Place replenish orders (Auto Suggest based on formulated logic

Automate time and mileage report

Alert Salesperson when Zero Quantity or request a promotion on almost expiry item

Check In

Check in with Barcode/QRCode

Last Check In history

Media (photo/pdf) upload

Customisable Check List

Check In time / Check Out time

GPS Location Tracking

Customisable Field (UDF)

Review past order / executive in each customer outlet

Technician App

Scheduling and Route Planning

Request Stock for repair item request

Check In

Check in with Barcode/QRCode

Last Check In history

Media (photo/pdf) upload

Customisable Checklist

Check In time / Check Out time

GPS Location Tracking

Customisable Field (UDF)

Generate maintenance Slip or Delivery Order


Supervisor task rearrangement

Stock Check Smart Calculator (Sum Up Shelf and warehouse QTY)

Recommended device :
Recommended device :

  -Zebra ZQ220

Driver App

Create Job Trip By Admin

Drivers grab job by themselves with admin

Google API Route Suggestion (Avoid traffic congestion)

Formula to determine no. of order per lorry/truck based on item weight or order amount.

Salesperson reservation module

Customer e-sign and delivery photo upload as proof of delivery

Check In

Check in with Barcode/QRCode

Last Check In history

Media (photo/pdf) upload

Customisable Check List

Check In time / Check Out time

GPS Location Tracking

Customisable Field (UDF)

Review past order / executive in each customer outlet

Process Flow

Accounting System and ERP System We Link

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