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Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment (RA) Programme

May 10, 2023

##  Suitable for Manufacturing Company to Apply. ##

This is a financial support facility for Malaysian SMEs in the manufacturing and related services sectors to embrace Industry 4.0. This Fund is eligible for all SMEs which have completed the government-funded Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment (RA) programme.

MITI has appointed MIDA as the Implementing Agency for the Industry4WRD Intervention Fund. The fund will be provided on matching basis (70:30) based on eligible expenditures, up to a maximum grant of Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred Thousand (RM500,000.00) only. Maximum 30% of the matching amount (70% of total grant) will be provided in upfront to the companies subject to the approval by Intervention Fund Approval Committee at MITI, whereby the balance of the remaining grant will be on reimbursable basis which will be deliberated at MIDA.

How can it benefit my company?

Trained assessors will help you to understand your readiness for Industry 4.0 and make recommendations on where to start your transformation.

In addition to purchasing EasySales and EasyM solutions, the grant can also be used to customize the solutions according to your specific needs. Some of the available customizations include:

White labelling: You can brand the solutions with your company logo.

Conversion from a SAAS model to a maintenance service model: You can switch from a software- as-a-service (SAAS) model to a maintenance service model.

Customized big data analytics: You can tailor the solutions to your specific big data analytics needs. • Hardware devices: You can purchase hardware devices such as iPads, handheld devices, and sensors that are part of the automation process.

Other customized modules/applications that are part of the automation process. (e.g. commission module that suits your company’s need)

Can I include other service providers in the grant application?

Yes, you can submit multiple technical proposals and include other service providers in your grant application.

However, these proposals must be related to the automation process and meet the grant’s requirements.

This can include customized modules or applications, hardware devices, and other automation-related services. By submitting multiple proposals, you can ensure that you are getting the best solutions for your company’s specific needs.

What is the process of application?

Refer below process flow chart and contact us to assist you.


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