How to win over from your competitors

How to win over from your competitors


  • Automation of sales and ordering processes to reduce the cost in serving customers with B2B
  • 自动化销售和订购流程,在经营B2B业务时,减少服务客户的成本
  • Thoughtful buyer segmentation exercise to decide the use of self-serve online B2B & ecommerce portal or traditional in-person sales conversations
  • A switch from outdated solutions (custom-built portals) to modern, consumerized technologies, especially through SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) sales and ordering solutions.
  • De-emphasising on order writing and it is important to arm staff with technology that could give them access to rich product information.
  • Sales channels, both offline and online, should be aggregated into a single platform to boost businesses’ efficiency.
  • An improvement in mobile experience through native mobile applications which are availbale for download from app stores and can function offline.
  • Improving the mobile experience for their buyers

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