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EasySales Server Crash (17/04/2023) Status Update

April 18, 2023

18/04/2023 – 2.45PM

EasySales services back to normal.

18/04/2023 – 2.13PM

IP and domain swapped to new server, Easysales development team checking on new server configuration.

18/04/2023 – 1.10PM

71% complete of restoration.

18/04/2023 – 12.31PM

Databases restoration still running. It needs to take some time to import.

18/04/2023 – 10.23AM

The databases unable to direct copy over, Server vendor now sync. the databases to new server and start importing.

18/04/2023 – 8.03AM

Server vendor said they found the issue in migration, it was the logged file was too huge, they deleted the huge file and the restoration in progress.

18/04/2023 – 4.27AM

Server vendor confirmed new server information (e.g. IP address, versioning control) with Easysales team, at the same time Easysales team started working to change the the necessary update in mobile app to match with new server.

17/04/2023 – 8.43PM

Server vendor reported their recovery system was not function in the new server group, server setup team escalated to backup recovery team.

17/04/2023 – 5.54PM

Server vendor suggested to change to another new server group and asking permission from Easysales to migrate database.

17/04/2023 – 12.40PM

Server vendor forced restarted SQL server, the SQL was back but with READ-only mode. customers were not able to save/write (e.g. transfer order back to office)

17/04/2023 – 11.05AM

Server vendor informed that SQL crash on easyecosystem server, they required some time to check

17/04/2023 – 11.00AM

The error displayed “SQL goes down”, Easysales tried to restart but failed, Easysales development team reported to server vendor

17/04/2023 – 10.30AM

Easysales server (name : easyecosystem) reported down.

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