EasySales Partners Guidance

Easysales Program Setup Requirement (SQL)

we will need the following info: Windows 8 or higher Anydesk/TeamViewer/UltraViewer access SQL username and password SQL database name Company details: name, full address, phone no, fax no, website, email, company logo, header of order List of salesperson who will use the app **during the implementation, you are still able

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Manually update data on dashboard sync program

The admin can click these play button to start the sync manually. the tick module is have set auto run at for the client. For SQL ACCOUNTING, If the sync program just trigger out, only able to click 1 sync module at a same time. Our sync program will trigger

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How to upload product image from backoffice

1. Login to our backoffice Backoffice url link: https://admin.easyecosystem.com/ 2. Go to Stock List module 3. You can upload the image at right hand side. the image size need small than 1MB, after SAVE the image, you need to click SET DEFAULT to set the image as first interface image

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