EasySales Mobile Sales Order (Olive Tree Hotel – Penang)

Title : EasySales Mobile Sales Order (Olive Tree Hotel – Penang)

Date : 04 Oct 2019

what will be expecting result after implemented EasySales?

reducing of manpower, your admin no more data entry. 减少人力,你的行政人员无需再输入数据。

your sales team can able to get latest records wheever they need. 你的销售团队可以在任何时候获得最新的记录。

increase of sales, ommichannel allow your customer to place oder more easily, and backorder is second source of sales. 增加销售额,单一平台让你的客户更容易下订单,而延期交货也是另外一个销售渠道。

Reducing of human error, the no. of deliver of wrong item, wrong delivery address would be reduced. 减少人为错误,减少寄错商品和错误的送货地址。

Better working culture as salesperson and admin have less conflict due to miscommunication. 更好的工作文化,因为销售人员和行政人员因沟通不良而产生的冲突减少。

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