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Bluetooth printer setup

September 21, 2022

You can refer this link to setup the Bluetooth printer : EasySales – Connect Bluetooth Printer – YouTube

or follow the step below:

Step 1 – The user need connect the Bluetooth printer in user device Bluetooth first

Step 2 – Go to easysales -> settting -> setup bluetooth printer, then wait it scan the blueooth printer name

Step 3 – when you see your printer name you can select the name, it will popup a box to let you choose your printer paper size.

Step 4 – After choose the paper size, the printer will print out a sample and show another box to let you choose the DPI. you can see the which DPI is more suitable for your paper(the center  and QR code is print center on your paper or not), then choose the DPI you want. then the Bluetooth printer is done setup.



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