EasySales Is a Sales Force Automation App that Designed For B2B Wholesalers, Dealers, Distributors & Manufacturers to Simplify Pre-Sales, Merchandising and Van Sales Process.

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EasySales is a native mobile application as it provides small businesses, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all information to make a wonderful sales presentation on customer site or outside the office.
Environmental friendly, paperless bring both customer and company convenience. Improve reducing mistake, All data will be stored in mobile devices.
No network connection / network connected? Your customer or van sales driver still able to shop and place your order anytime while offline.
Wherever your client or salesperson is, they could easily browse through your company app with internet connection to shop and place order.

Budget 2020

Save up to
RM 5,000
50% Matching Grant
*Terms & Conditions Apply

What is EasySales?

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EasySales has been officially appointed by the Government as the Technology Solution Provider (TSP) for SME Business Digitalisation Grant. Get your Matching Grant up to RM5,000 with SME Digitalisation Initiative.

EasySales is a sales force automation app that designed for B2B wholesalers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers to simplify the ordering and van sales app process.

For Merchandising activities such as Stock Take, Stock Check or Call Card, or you are require to supervise and plan your merchandisers’ daily activity, please visit our subsidiary company – EasyM Merchandiser Sdn. Bhd. EasyM is a merchandising app that make your retail executive easy.

Improve Salesperson Productivity
Eliminate Manual Order Entry
Reduce Human Errors
Reduce Help Desk Calls
Save Time & Money
User-friendly Interface

Best Fit Industry For EasySales

Hardware Dsitributor
Medical Instruments
FMCG wholesales
Outdoor & Sporting Goods
Food & Beverage

Why You Need EasySales

Eliminate redundant data entry on delivery receipts, physical inventory checks, and checking on customers payment records that can be filled out right on your iPad.
When orders are taken by hand, illegibility, human error, and delayed order submission from the field to the back office can be extremely common.
Showcase your products with high resolution catalogues, including retina display, and bring your product to life. This is also to eliminate your salesperson can't find the sales materials they need, having out-of-date content, and reduce the complaint of company's products not organised.
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